Terms & Conditions of hire of apartment stay at The Branksome Hotel & Residences. Subject to Advisory on Covid Virus.


These terms & conditions govern the agreement on hiring of the Suites at The Branksome Hotel & Residences (TBHR). All reservations made for accommodation at TBHR (Reservations) either through website or through TBHR reservations, or through third party resellers are subject to these terms & conditions. For Reservations and Bookings made via our website, the Terms of Use of the website will be deemed to be incorporated into these Terms of Sale.

All persons making Reservations will be deemed to have accepted these terms & conditions on behalf of all persons who will be staying at TBHR. You agree that regardless of your length of stay there is no tenancy or other proprietary rights created under any laws. We grant you a licence to stay in and/or use the facilities in our hotel and we reserve the right to terminate the licence at any time.

When is the agreement concluded?

An agreement for the hire of the apartment is considered to be made once the Reservation is accepted and confirmed by TBHR and payment has been successfully guaranteed by the credit card or cash has been paid. Once confirmed the Reservation becomes a Booking.


All rates are based on ‘per apartment per night’ basis and are subject to the maximum number of residents allowed in the apartments. Incidentals like breakfast, roll-in beds or sofa beds etc could be charged in addition to the rates advertised unless sold as a package.

Cancellation Policy

A Booking must be cancelled by 1400hrs on the day prior to the check-in date to avoid the cancellation fee, unless a more stringent condition is agreed to as part of a special promotion.

Cancellations after this time or no-show are subject to a cancellation fee which will be charged to the credit card used to guarantee payment of your account. The cancellation fee is equal to the fee payable for the first night’s stay of the type of residence booked. A no-show is when the guest fails to check-in for the reserved accommodation.

Some promotional rates do not allow cancellation and the full amount will be forfeited in case of cancellation or no show.

Valid ID

Upon check-in at TBHR all persons staying in the accommodation (Guests) must provide a valid Australian Federal or State government issued photographic identification or a passport for international travellers. A copy of such identification may be made.

Guarantee Deposit & Bond/Credit Card Pre-authorisation

Upon check-in, a credit card must be presented so that a pre-authorised deduction may be made. The pre-authorised amount will be the total cost of accommodation as well as a security deposit of A$100 per apartment per day up to departure date.

The pre-authorisation amount is set aside by the credit card company for a period of up to 10 working days (release times may vary, please check with the issuing financial institution). The pre-authorisation will affect your available funds balance or spending limit. Once a pre-authorisation has been made, we cannot release, remove or lower the authorised amount, until we process the final account on departure.

Cash is not acceptable for such security deposit guarantee. Please ensure that the credit card presented has sufficient funds as check-in will not be allowed without the pre-authorisation deposit from the credit card. The credit card must also be in the name of one of the Guests in the party.

A security bond will be charged at check-in to cover any damage that may occur to the suite during the occupied dates. Prices vary depending on the number of nights, guests and type of suite as shown below:

  • Studio & 1 bedroom Suite - $100.00 per night (Up to $500.00)
  • 2 bedroom Suite - $200.00 per night (Up to $800.00)
  • 2.5 bedroom Suite - $300.00 per night (Up to $1000.00)

Please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover additional incidentals for this purpose.

A full inspection of all suites will be conducted by hotel management after check out as part of damage assessment. Suites that require excessive cleaning and/or air purification charges will result in additional charges deducted from the bond. The security bond cannot be applied to outstanding amounts that may be owed for ancillary purchases, such as restaurant and room service orders. The bond refund will be processed 24 hours after departure.

Check In and Check Out times

Standard check-in time is 1400 hours and check-out time is 1100 hours.

Earlier check-in is subject to availability. To guarantee an earlier check-in between 0600 and 1400, an additional charge of 50% of the first night is payable. The request has to be made known beforehand to TBHR reservations and is subject to availability.

Late check-out between 1100 hours and 1800 hours incurs an additional charge of 50% of the last night of stay and is subject to confirmation by the front desk prior to 1100 hours on the day of departure. Late check-out without confirmation from the front desk will also incur the additional charge.

Housekeeping Servicing

Our standard housekeeping service is as follows; every day we will make the beds, replace towels when requested, replenish bathroom and kitchen amenities and remove rubbish. For longer stays, the suite will be fully cleaned twice every seven (7) days including replacements of bed linens.

Additional full servicing outside the normal cycle can be arranged at an extra cost when required.

Please note that if your suite hasn’t been serviced for more than 4 days at your request, the hotel staff are allowed to inspect your suite without an approval to check the status of suite & welfare of our guests.


Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Minors under 12

Children under the age of 12 years using existing bedding can stay at no additional charge in the apartment with guardians/parents.

No Smoking Policy

All Suites at TBHR are non-smoking. You will be liable for additional cleaning and air purification charges if we detect smell of smoke in your apartment after your departure. The prevailing rate for such cleaning is AUD$300. It is your responsibility to notify us if you detect any smell of cigarette smoke in the apartment when you first take possession of the apartment.

Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas in the premises of TBHR.

Fire Alarm Fee

The fire alarm in your suite is activated if there is excessive smoke or heat. For this reason, heavy cooking is prohibited and the evacuation hood must be used whenever cooking. Balcony doors should be opened if there is smoke in the suite. Smoking can also set off the fire alarm. Once the fire alarm is activated the Fire Engine must respond and you will be charged the call-out fee which is currently $2,000.

Breakages and missing items

The registered Guest is responsible for all damaged and missing items from the apartments registered to his/her name and for all damaged/missing of items in the premises of TBHR attributable to the Guest’s party or the Guest’s invited visitors.

If the damages or missing items are not discovered at time of check-out, TBHR is allowed to charge the full cost of replacement and/or making good to the registered Guest (see Charges after Check-Out).

Security Cards/Apartment Keys

All security cards/Apartment Keys issued to the Guest must be returned at check-out. TBHR reserves the right to charge AUD$10 for each missing card/key.

Residence Types and Allocation
If for any reason the residence type/category reserved is no longer available at time of check-in/arrival, TBHR is allowed to provide a substituted residence of equal or greater value and standard at the same rate or a lower category with a refund of the price difference.

Pet Policy

TBHR does not permit pets except for registered Assistance Animals. Assistance Animals must have a medallion on their collar with the registration number and the owner must also carry a laminated pass (with the owner and dog’s name). Assistance Animals are required to be harnessed in public areas. Please advise ahead of time if you will be travelling with a Assistance Animals.


Visitors are allowed in the apartments up to 2300 hours. After this time, all visitors to the apartment must be registered subject to the maximum number of residents allowed in the apartments and there will be an additional charge for the roll-in bed or beddings for the sofa bed as applicable. Failure to comply with the visitor policy may result in eviction of the premises without refund.

Interim Payments

You agree to pay interim accounts when presented by TBHR even though you may not have departed from our hotel or completed your full stay.

TBHR’s Right to Refuse Entry

TBHR shall be entitled to refuse a Guest entry or accommodation or to require a Guest to leave the premises if unreasonable behaviour is displayed, be it threatening or abusive, causing disturbance to other guests or otherwise unacceptable.

Charges after Check-Out

You agree that any charges for goods and services provided to you, or charged validly to your suite(for example purification of cigarette odour, excessive messiness and activation of the fire alarm) as well as any breakages/missing items, not billed at the time of your departure, may be added to your account for settlement as arranged or may be charged to the same card used to pay the account at the time of departure or to the credit card used to guarantee payment of your account.

Lost Property

Any item found in the rooms or on the premises of TBHR which is left behind by guests will be stored for up to 2 months. All unclaimed property after that will be disposed at the discretion of TBHR. However all food and perishable items and items that in the assessment of TBHR is a threat to public health, safety or security will be disposed off immediately.

TBHR keeps the lost property on a ‘All Care but No Responsibility’ principle. The Hotel therefore shall not be held responsible for any lost or damages or mishandling of the lost property including any possible misdelivery of the property to the rightful owner.

Force Majeure

TBHR shall not be liable for its inability to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement as a result of fire, government directives, orders or regulations, terrorist acts, civil commotion, riots, strikes or any other circumstances or events beyond its reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”).TBHR will use reasonable effort to find alternative accommodation of an equal standard and rate for the Guest or, at its discretion refund the unused portion of any advanced charges or deposit paid.

Limitation of Liability

We will do our best to ensure your reservation arrangements, booking and stay at TBHR are fully satisfactory. However, Guests should take up their own adequate insurance for personal injury, including death, and property damage or loss. To the fullest extent permitted under the law, TBHR shall not be liable and does not accept any liability whatsoever for any personal injury or death, damage or loss of personal property, including the Guest’s monies, valuables, or vehicles, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events or circumstances arising from the Reservation or Booking. Even where safe deposit boxes are provided in the apartments, the Guests keep items in them at the sole risk of the Guests.

If, for reasons beyond TBHR’s control, it needs to reject or change a confirmed Reservation or Booking it will use all reasonable attempt to provide the Guest with an alternative arrangement; however if no alternative is provided, TBHR will return any deposit made and consider the confirmed Reservation or Booking cancelled.

While TBHR will do its utmost as a courtesy to assist Guests for all additional services like reception of mails and parcels, holding of mail for pick-up by external parties etc, however TBHR does not assume any liability whatsoever for the performance or non-performance of such services.

Where TBHR is not permitted to limit or exclude all liability under the law, the only right to relief and remedy which the Guest has against TBHR in respect of any Reservation, Booking or stay under these terms & conditions and correspondingly, the maximum liability of TBHR , will be:

  1. TBHR provides alternative or replacement accommodation of at least an equal standard and rate to the Guest; or, at the sole discretion of TBHR.
  2. Refund of any unused portion of any advanced deposit or payment received by TBHR.


The person (which includes a corporate entity) who made the booking and the Guest agree to jointly and severally be bound to indemnify fully TBHR and keep it harmless in the event it suffers any loss or damage, including legal expenses on a full indemnity basis, as a result of or arising from the breach of these terms & conditions by the above mentioned person or Guest or from any event, incident or circumstance occurring during the Guest’s stay at TBHR, including personal injury or death, which results from the act or omission of the above mentioned person or Guest.

No Waiver

TBHR’s failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of these terms & conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the provision. Neither a course of dealing or conduct between you and us nor any trade practices shall be deemed to modify these terms & conditions.

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